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American College of Gastroenterology - ACG Patients
Colorectal Cancer Awareness. Take the quiz and get the test that could save your life. Learn more

Find a Gastroenterologist - HUMIRA
The first step to getting your Crohn’s under control is finding a doctor who specializes in treating the disease. Use this locator to find one near you.

Find a Gastroenterologist (Stomach Doctor) & Book Online ...
Jul 10, 2018 - Find best Gastroenterologists near you & make an appointment online instantly! Zocdoc helps you find Gastroenterologists with verified patient reviews and appointment availability that accept your insurance.

Hiatal Hernia | MedlinePlus
A hiatal hernia is a result of the upper part of the stomach pushing through the diaphragm into the chest area. Read about symptoms and treatment.

Gluten Intolerance, Sensitivity, & Gluten-Free Diets - WebMD
Does gluten cause intestinal trouble? What to know about celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and gluten-free diets.

Stomach Ulcer | Peptic Ulcer | MedlinePlus
Dull and burning stomach pain are common symptoms of a peptic ulcer. Read about tests that help detect stomach ulcers and get relief for your belly.

Low-FODMAP Diet | ACG Patients
Eliminating or restricting FODMAPs from the diet may greatly improve symptoms of FGD. In Australia, a Low-FODMAP diet is the main treatment for IBS.

What Is Celiac Disease? Symptoms, Diagnosis ... - WebMD
Celiac disease affects nearly 3 million Americans. What exactly is it and how is it treated?



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Your Tummy Rumblings Might Help Diagnose Bowel Disorder
Dr. Andrea Shin, an assistant professor in the division of gastroenterology and hepatology at Indiana University's School of Medicine, said the belt approach "is interesting and could be helpful in assessing gut function through an approach that does ...

Are You a Prospective Poop Donor?
Dr. Colleen Kelley is an assistant professor of gastroenterology with the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, in Providence. "There is a very high bar to be a stool donor," she said. "OpenBiome rejects 97 percent of the donors who apply ...

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Top 10 Causes Of Bloating And Back Pain (press release)
However, there are other causes of abdominal bloating. Some of them include the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen due to hypoalbuminemia. Other causes are tumours, chronic pancreatitis, hepatic diseases, infection, perforation of the ... (press release)

Stomach Cancer And Stem Cell Therapy (press release)
CT scan: The CT scan shows the gastrointestinal system vividly. The pictures are usually vivid. Biopsy: This is the definitive test. The doctor takes a sample of the stomach. This sample is then checked under the microscope for any cancer growth.

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Experts: Wheat Sensitivity Is Real
... are people out there who do have symptoms that are related to either wheat or gluten who are not [diagnosed with] celiac and not classic wheat allergy," says Joseph Murray, MD, a professor of medicine and gastroenterology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.

Can Stool Softeners Help Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome? (press release)
However, Crohn's disease can affect any part of the gastrointestinal system. This could range from the mouth to the esophagus, stomach to the anus. These diseases have been regarded as an autoimmune disease in the past. The explanation given for this ...

Quinoa May Be Safe Grain for People With Celiac Disease
"It's important to note that further studies are needed to determine the long-term effects of quinoa consumptions in people with celiac disease," study author Dr. Victor Zevallos, of the gastroenterology department at King's College London in England ...

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Is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Real?
Such tests would be welcomed by gastroenterologists, Tennyson said. "There have been no biomarkers available to diagnose non-celiac gluten sensitivity and this has made it difficult for doctors to accurately diagnose and monitor patients that report ...

and more »

Celiac Disease in Family and Autoimmune Disorders
Lupus, type 1 diabetes and sarcoidosis (an inflammatory disease) were the most common non-celiac autoimmune diseases seen, the study authors said. The findings appear in the July issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. WebMD News from ...

Which doctor does your colonoscopy may matter
But it doesn't mean patients should forgo colonoscopy if they can't find a gastroenterologist. ... The majority of colonoscopies in the study were performed by gastroenterologists — which is consistent with current practice, according to Cooper. He ...

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